Hellgate: London News

Hellgate closed beta keys available

Free-to-play relaunch begins.

Hellgate: London gets F2P relaunch

Closed beta kicks off next month.

Bill Roper reappears with big ideas

The once boss of Blizzard returns.

Hellgate: London still dead to the west

Confirmed: relaunch is Asia-only.

Hellgate to return with new expansion

HanbitSoft resuscitates "world's best game".

Hellgate: London to close in February

Namco to pull the plug on Flagship game.

Roper opens up about Flagship demise

Firing staff was hardest day ever.

Hellgate and Mythos live on

New studio formed to pick up work.

Hellgate "not going away" - Namco

Flagship game may yet be saved.

Flagship "still operating" but has no staff

Roper says "core" team still intact.

Flagship Studios closes doors

Hellgate, Mythos dev no more.

Hellgate: London worries "inaccurate"

Flagship boss claims all is well.

Hellgate is in dire straits, says designer

Staff leaving Flagship "in droves".

The best MMO April Fools

Blizzard wins. Again.

Hellgate Stonehenge content live today

Raids, duelling, level-scalable quests.

Hellgate scrubs behind ears

Fixes invisible friends.

Hellgate patch today

More character slots for all.

EGTV: Exclusive Hellgate videos

Here be dragons, well, demons.

Hellgate Guy Fawkes content

Elite mode for all.

Hellgate demo this week

Either today or tomorrow.

Hellgate guided tour part two

Destination Charing Cross.

EGTV: Hellgate guided tour

Flagship shows us around.

Hellgate beta sign-ups begin

London needs your help.

GC: Euro Hellgate pricing

Roughly two pints a month.

Hellgate: London dated

November in Europe.

Hellgate MMO mode priced

USD 9.95 a month, says Roper.

Flagship's casual MMO details

Diablo-inspired game goes alpha.

Hellgate pricing still undetermined

Subs are only one option - Roper

Hellgate will be subs-based

With open beta prior to launch.

EA aids Hellgate publishing

While Flagship Studios talks up the FPS-style Hunter class.

GC: Flagship's plans for Hellgate

And thoughts on Psychonauts.

Hellgate becomes a comic

First issue out at E3.

New Hellgate class unveiled

Say hello to the Cabal.

Hellgate: London's burning

Entertaining CG trailer.

Hellgate opened fully

More info on Flagship's Lewisham-based RPG.