Hellgate: London News

Hellgate closed beta keys available

Hellgate closed beta keys available

Free-to-play relaunch begins.

Closed beta test keys for Hellgate are now available to North American and European audiences, T3 Entertainment has announced.

Nab a key from the Hellgate website and you'll get into the free-to-play revival of the once dead MMO. The closed beta is scheduled to run from 3rd-5th June.

Developed by former Blizzard employees, Hellgate first launched back in November 2007 picking up a 7/10 from Eurogamer.

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Hellgate: London gets F2P relaunch

Hellgate: London gets F2P relaunch

Closed beta kicks off next month.

Hellgate: London, Flagship Studio's ill-fated fantasy MMO, is gearing up for a relaunch after it was taken offline back in 2009.

New publisher Hanabitsoft has announced a closed beta will run from 3rd to 5th June, with a full North American release following on after that. A European release hasn't been confirmed yet.

No further details have been announced, other that the game has switched over to a free-to-play model.

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Bill Roper reappears with big ideas

The once boss of Blizzard returns.

Once powerful game developer Bill Roper has reappeared, and he's got some "bigger PC console-type pitches" to make when the right publisher comes a knocking on his door.

Hellgate: London still dead to the west

Confirmed: relaunch is Asia-only.

Following yesterday's reports that Hellgate: London is to return, Namco Bandai has clarified the announcement does not pertain to the US and Europe.

Hellgate to return with new expansion

Hellgate to return with new expansion

HanbitSoft resuscitates "world's best game".

Following the announcement the Hellgate: London servers will be closed early next year, HanbitSoft - the South Korean company that now owns the rights to the game - has reassured fans it's coming back. A new expansion pack is on the way, though so far it looks like the relaunch is only planned for Asian territories.

HanbitSoft parent company T3 Entertainment announced it would continue work on Hellgate back in August. The game had been left homeless after the closure of developer Flagship, along with never-released title Mythos. However, T3 decided to resurrect both games at a new studio in San Francisco.

Now, an unnamed Hellgate product manager has posted on a letter HanbitSoft PR manager's blog. The letter states that a new update to the game is in the works and will be distributed digitally.

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Hellgate: London to close in February

Namco to pull the plug on Flagship game.

Namco Bandai has announced that it will close all servers for Hellgate: London, the online RPG from doomed studio Flagship, on 31st January 2009.

Roper opens up about Flagship demise

Firing staff was hardest day ever.

Bill Roper, co-founder of the all-but-extinct Flagship Studios, has said there are no secret piles of money to rescue Hellgate, and that firing the majority of staff at the developer was his "hardest professional day" ever.

Hellgate and Mythos live on

New studio formed to pick up work.

Hellgate: London and Mythos have been picked up by the Asian publisher T3 entertainment, which is setting up a new San Francisco-based studio to carry out development work, reports GamesIndustry.biz.

The best MMO April Fools

Blizzard wins. Again.

There isn't much in the way of fresh MMO news this morning, because the world of massively multiplayer gaming spent most of yesterday trying to outdo itself - and every other section of the gaming industry - in an orgy of funny fakery. And we have to say it did rather well.

Hellgate scrubs behind ears

Fixes invisible friends.

Flagship has slopped out plans to introduce a new patch for its action role-playing title Hellgate: London later this week.

Hellgate patch today

Hellgate patch today

More character slots for all.

Developer Flagship will be taking the Hellgate: London servers offline today to implement a new patch.

Downtime is expected for a couple of hours between 4pm and 6pm GMT, after which you should find some new features to play with and plenty of fixes to niggling problems.

Chief among them is access to 24 character slots for absolutely everyone, a privilege previously restricted to those paying a monthly subscription. It benefits those of you eager to tinker with class builds and that sort of stuff, although make sure you realise you cannot use your single-player character online but have to start from scratch - better to make an early start than realise this late on.

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EGTV: Exclusive Hellgate videos

EGTV: Exclusive Hellgate videos

Here be dragons, well, demons.

Hellgate might be a bit like Diablo and similar to Titan Quest, but then it is made by ex-Blizzard staff. Besides, Diablo was fantastic anyway - and now we have sumptuous graphics to dress it in.

The game has been out for a week already and we have given you our review, but to take it one step further we thought we would capture footage of us playing it to give you an idea of what you can really expect.

The English footage, best served with fish and chips, shows our heroic warrior Bertie go from creation to world renowned hero. Along the way he levels up - as you might expect - and fiddles around with skill trees, statistics and his inventory. He also chats to other people in tube stations to gather-up some quests and ventures through a hellgate to take on some big, named nasties.

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Hellgate Guy Fawkes content

Elite mode for all.

Flagship Studios is taking down the Hellgate: London servers this afternoon to add some special content for "Guy Fawkes' Night", a holiday still celebrated in England.

Hellgate: London details erupt

Flagship Studios has poured out more details about what you will get for your money in the subscription-based Hellgate: London multiplayer mode.

For a start, you will be able to challenge yourself with two extra difficulties: Elite Mode and Hardcore Mode. The first of these makes all nasties stronger, cleverer, and more likely to hunt in larger packs; the latter disables resurrection, meaning you will stay on the floor if your head gets bitten off or your arms go missing.

Subscribers will also get exclusive ongoing content, which will begin with Halloween-themed events and items. Those of you willing to participate can create a mixture of meat and metal called a Zombot, get hold of a unique helmet named the All Hallow's Visage, enjoy treats that have stat-boosting properties and venture off on some unique quests. Further down the line you will be treated to new areas, items, raid content and much more.

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Hellgate demo this week

Either today or tomorrow.

Update: EA has waded in and said it will be exclusively available on Game Daily from 17:00 BST today, and available everywhere else 24 hours later.

Hellgate guided tour part two

Destination Charing Cross.

Descend down the Eurogamer TV escalator and you will find a new exclusive Hellgate: London trailer detailing the Charing Cross station area in the game.

EGTV: Hellgate guided tour

Flagship shows us around.

Those of you enjoying the freshly redesigned Eurogamer TV may have noticed a new trailer for Hellgate: London this morning.

Hellgate beta sign-ups begin

Hellgate beta sign-ups begin

London needs your help.

Sign-ups for the Hellgate: London beta test have begun. Just get yourself over to the official site in one piece to pop your name down.

If you're one of the lucky ones pulled out of the gruesome sorting hat, you'll have a chance to get to grips with the ambitious multiplayer part of the game. You might remember that there are two tiers for this; one is a limited and free version, the other asks for a monthly subscription of GBP 6.99 in return for bundles of exciting bits and pieces - player housing, extensive guild options, enormous raid encounters, loads of items to collect, and more.

It forms an integral part of the package developer Flagship Studios will be offering when the full game launches on 2nd November.

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GC: Euro Hellgate pricing

Roughly two pints a month.

Flagship Studios has announced that a subscription to Hellgate: London's prestigious multiplayer mode will cost GBP 6.99 (EUR 9.99) a month.

Flagship's casual MMO details

Flagship's casual MMO details

Diablo-inspired game goes alpha.

Casual online adventure Mythos has entered into public alpha testing today, giving you a chance to jump into the action and see what you think.

The game's being developed by Flagship Studios, which is famously made up of brain-boxes that worked on action role-playing game Diablo back in the day, and is due for release later this year.

It's an action MMORPG where you'll be able to play as Elves, Gremlins or Humans, and explore randomised dungeons in an isometric point-and-click style affair. And while grouping is the core-concept, those of you who like to go solo can do just that, using a wealth of skills to win yourself gold, gems, armour and weapons.

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Hellgate pricing still undetermined

Subs are only one option - Roper

Having talked yesterday about the inclusion of a subsciption-based MMO mode for Hellgate: London, Flagship Studios CEO Bill Roper is now saying it's only one of the options being explored.

Hellgate will be subs-based

With open beta prior to launch.

Having banged on yesterday about his desire to appeal to Diablo fans, Flagship Studios CEO Bill Roper has admitted that upcoming PC title Hellgate: London will still have plenty in common with an MMO - including a subscription fee.

Speaking at ginormous electronics show CES in Las Vegas, Flagship Studios head Bill Roper said today that upcoming MMO Hellgate: London is intended to "reach out to Diablo players" and that the title is very much a continuation of Diablo II's gameplay.

EA aids Hellgate publishing

While Flagship Studios talks up the FPS-style Hunter class.

Encouraged presumably by the success of its collaboration on We Love Katamari (oh), Namco Bandai's come back to EA for help with publishing Flagship Studios' PC debut Hellgate: London in Europe and North America.

GC: Flagship's plans for Hellgate

And thoughts on Psychonauts.

There's still a while to wait until Flagship's rather fancy looking PC title Hellgate: London hits the shops - but according to studio boss Bill Roper, they've already got big plans for developing the franchise further.

Hellgate becomes a comic

First issue out at E3.

Namco Bandai's announced a deal with Dark Horse to do a comic based on Hellgate: London - Flagship Studios' debut PC game.

New Hellgate class unveiled

Say hello to the Cabal.

The second character class in forthcoming PC title Hellgate: London has been revealed - and it turns out they're a rather dodgy sounding bunch.

Hellgate: London's burning

Entertaining CG trailer.

Namco and Flagship Studios have released a four-minute orgy of computer-generated violence to help promote forthcoming first-person PC role-player Hellgate: London, and, rather fittingly given the fact that London's basking in the inexplicable glow of a heat wave (or at least heat flash-flood), we've mirrored it on Eurofiles.

Hellgate opened fully

More info on Flagship's Lewisham-based RPG.

Following the revelation in the US print press last month that Flagship Studios was working on Hellgate: London, publisher Namco has revealed a few more details about the forthcoming RPG.