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Hellgate scrubs behind ears

Fixes invisible friends.

Flagship has slopped out plans to introduce a new patch for its action role-playing title Hellgate: London later this week.

Mysteriously dubbed 0.6, its most prominent superpower is the ability to stop group members disappearing - helpful when killing zombies from hell.

The developer has also gotten to grips with the Engineer Drone unequipping items, a result of buffing your items so they are better than you could normally use, causing issues if you put them on in a funny order. Not everything is peachy here just yet, but it has made a start and will keep picking at it until it is fixed.

Elsewhere there are lots of performance tweaks you should probably delve into on the official site.

Lastly, patch 0.7 is in development and contains some surprises for those of you paying subscriptions. No clues right now, but we will keep you posted as they pop up.

Quest your way over to our Hellgate: London review for more information.

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Hellgate: London


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