Guitar Hero 5 News

All Guitar Hero, DJ Hero song DLC to be removed

Activision pulls the plug at the end of the month.

Guitar Hero III generated tons of money

More than any other game in US history.

A Guitar Hero game every year "a given"

"We lost our souls," admits dev.

Kotick regrets not courting Harmonix

Won't play games in case he's hooked.

Cobain would find GH5 funny, says Love

But she's not done with "sleazy" Activision.

Guitar Hero 5 demo on Xbox Live

Strumming up enthusiasm.

Music games are "crap", says Bunnyman

Hopes players get "electrocuted".

Trine, Bomberman head PSN refresher

Lots of special offers, too.

Activison predicts console-free future

Plans to "take the fun out of making games".

UK charts: Guitar Hero 5 beats Beatles

Plus: McRae sees off Batman.

EG rocks with Pixie Lott at GH5 launch

Europe-wide record attempt underway.

Activision: Love "signed" Cobain deal

GH5 spat entices Nirvana statement.

Love to "sue the s***" out of Activision

Furious at Cobain's GH5 resurrection.

GHWT-to-GH5 song transfer priced

35 songs can be copied over.

GH5 DLC won't work in GH World Tour

But will in future games, apparently.

Buy GH5 and get Van Halen free

Activision tired of Scrooge image?

Wii GH5 to stream from large SD cards

Feature enables 32GB of DLC space.

GH5 is "a massive leap" for Wii games

Vicarious Visions has "re-architected" it.

Miis will work in Guitar Hero 5

PS3 Home Avatars not so much.

GH5 supports Xbox Live Avatars

Deck them out in thumping threads.

Activision completes GH5 track list

Dire Straits! Arctic Monkeys! Stevie!

GH5 tracks, game details emerge

Rare songs and revamped mechanics.

New Guitar Hero 5 drum kit revealed

This one looks a bit more streamlined.

Guitar Hero 5 controller updated

Strum bar and slider changes detailed.

White Stripes man slags off music games

Led Zeppelin not big fans either.

US retailers price DJ Hero, Band Hero

No word on official figures.

Neversoft hints at turntable control for GH

But it won't make this year's version.

Full Guitar Hero 5 band list confirmed

Kiss! Bush! Attack! Attack!

Activision confirms Guitar Hero 5 date

It's out a week before Beatles: Rock Band.

First details of Guitar Hero 5 emerge

Play with any combo of instruments you like.

DJ Hero, Band Hero, GH5 for autumn

Activision confirms melody of titles.