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Digital FoundryGrand Theft Auto 3: PlayStation 2 vs. iPad Video

The original console game versus the iOS download.

VideoGTA 3 10 year anniversary vid

Rockstar's classic a decade old.

Key events

Grand Theft Auto 3 PlayStation 3 release date delayed

Grand Theft Auto 3 PlayStation 3 release date delayed

Music licensing "issues" radioed in.

The planned PlayStation 3 re-release of Grand Theft Auto 3 has been delayed due to music licensing issues, Sony has explained.

Sony had previously announced GTA3 would launch yesterday in North America, but it failed to arrive in the weekly PlayStation Store refresh.

A European release would presumably have followed today in our regular Wednesday update.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 PS2 Classic PSN release date

Old game Grand Theft Auto 3 will be released as a PS2 Classic on PlayStation Network this Tuesday, 31st July.

That's an American date, revealed on the American PlayStation blog podcast - Blogcast.

Maybe that means the European date will be Wednesday, 1st August.

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Retro Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 3

Digital FoundryRetro Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 3

PS2 vs. Xbox vs. PC vs... iPad 2?

Back in October 2001, Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto 3 exclusively on PlayStation 2 and everything changed. A genre was defined by a gameplay formula that still persists to this day, many millions of copies were sold, and a megabucks franchise was born. 10 years later, Rockstar has unleashed a celebratory new version of the game for iOS and Android mobile devices - so what better opportunity for Digital Foundry to begin its long-threatened Retro Face-Off coverage?

In this article we'll be examining this iOS GTA running on iPad 2, and seeing just how Rockstar has converted it onto mobile platforms, noting the improvements made and perhaps the opportunities missed. We'll also be factoring in the PC version of the game, released seven months after the original in 2002, and most intriguingly of all we'll be examining the classic Xbox conversion, released precisely two years after the original once Sony's exclusivity period had expired.

In our usual Face-Off coverage it's rare that we actually see enormously significant differences between platforms these days. There's seldom any kind of financial imperative in making different versions of the game that utilise the respective strengths of each set of hardware to produce exciting, unique features, so instead it's all about finding a balance. With GTA3 on Xbox though, it was different, and with Rockstar Vienna on development duties the Xbox version was enormously improved over its predecessors on PS2 and PC.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 release date for iOS/Android

Grand Theft Auto 3 release date for iOS/Android

10th Anniversary Edition will set you back $4.99.

Grand Theft Auto 3: 10th Anniversary Edition arrives on the App Store and Android Marketplace on 15th December, Rockstar Games has announced.

Priced at your local equivalent of $4.99, it's the same game you played back in 2001, updated with touch screen controls. See the screens below for a better idea of how it looks.

As detailed on Rockstar's official site, it's compatible with the following devices:

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How 9/11 changed Grand Theft Auto 3

"Very upsetting, very unnerving and overwhelming."

Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar has revealed how the September 11 attacks changed GTA3, which launched just weeks after the terrorist atrocities.

GTA V to be announced before E3?

GTA V to be announced before E3?

Analyst reckons suspension is building.

Games industry analyst Mike Hickey has said a Grand Theft Auto V announcement may be on the way - and that it could be made before E3 kicks off in June.

"There is building suspension for a pre-E3 GTA V announcement," he said, as reported by Industrygamers. "Although we expect nothing from Rockstar at this year’s official E3 event."

Rockstar is more likely to hold a separate press event and make the announcement independent of any publisher conferences, apparently. That's because GTA V really is kind of a big deal.

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Mad convict files suit against Rockstar

Wants restraining order on GTA games.

Bonkers convict Jonathan Lee Riches has filed for a temporary restraining order against Take-Two, Rockstar, and the "newest Grand Theft Auto games", claiming inmates who played the titles will knock him out and steal his "gold Jesus cross".

Rockstar dismisses GTA movie rumours

Eminem not to star after all.

Rockstar has denied reports it almost gave the go-ahead to a Grand Theft Auto film last year, saying the company is "not interested" in bringing the series to the big screen.

It's rather quaint to think that just over six years ago, we were all a-twitter at the prospect of Grand Theft Auto III and its swanky new 3D world. "How will that classic top-down gameplay work in 3D?" we mused, like big silly things. "Could it possibly beat Driver?" we pondered in all seriousness. Aah, innocent times.

Take-Two secures GTA talent

For $25 million!

Confirming the troubled publisher's heavy reliance on its controversial Grand Theft Auto series, Take-Two's latest 10-Q filing includes mention of a three-year, USD 25 million deal to secure and safeguard the creative team behind its flagship franchise.

GTA lawsuit can go ahead

Says judge. Thompson happy.

An Alabama judge has denied a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed against Take-Two by the families of two police officers and a dispatcher killed by a Grand Theft Auto-playing teenager.

Warren Spector slams GTA

And lazy devs in general.

Warren Spector, the former studio head of Ion Storm Austin and the brains behind Deus Ex, has slammed game developers for relying on tried and tested formulas instead of coming up with new ideas.

GTA Trilogy and movie packs

Xbox/PS2 owners encouraged to hop on the pimpmo-bandwagon.

Rockstar plans to release a Grand Theft Auto Trilogy pack for Xbox and a Special Edition of San Andreas for PS2 featuring a video DVD in the run-up to Christmas. So that's the GTA Threesome and the GTA Big Disc Edition for those living in a parallel universe where Jack Thompson hasn't been invented.

Capcom fights GTA3 age ban

Japanese kiddies cheer.

Capcom is considering launching a legal battle over decisions taken by local government officers in Japan to ban the sale of Grand Theft Auto 3 to under-18s.

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III

Review - a new high in modern urban thuggery

Havoc mongering

Apparently somewhere along the line I agreed to write about games

as well as play them. So I suppose I'll spend a few minutes

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