Doom 3 BFG Edition Features

Digital FoundryWhat's new for PC in Doom 3: BFG Edition?

A computer conversion of a console remaster of the PC original?

No advanced graphics settings, no field-of-view adjustments, no out of the box support for mods - on first loading up Doom 3: BFG Edition, it's difficult to avoid the impression that id Software has turned its back on the PC fanbase that supported it for so many years. Some might even describe the new release as a downgrade in many respects compared to the 2004 code - a port from current-gen console remixed from the PC original. But it would be churlish to ignore some of the improvements and refinements made to the overall package.

FeatureJohn Carmack on Virtual Reality - Uncut

By popular demand, a complete transcript of our E3 interview.

At E3 last month, I got the chance to interview John Carmack and try out his prototype virtual reality headset, using the device to play the forthcoming Doom 3: BFG Edition. It was, as I wrote at the time, a memorable experience:

Digital FoundryWhat Went Wrong with Stereo 3D?

Why mainstream 3D is losing traction and how John Carmack could change everything.

It was supposed to be The Next Big Thing - a perfect storm of movies, TV and games. The future of display technology was stereoscopic, bringing a new level of immersion to both passive and interactive entertainment. James Cameron's Avatar set the stage for a mainstream takeover, sporting events looked phenomenal in three dimensions, while 3D gaming got the best possible backing via exceptionally strong support from Sony. Nintendo even launched its new handheld off the back of its glasses-free auto-stereoscopic display.

FeatureJohn Carmack and the Virtual Reality Dream

VR is back - and it works! We chat to id's mad professor and try his amazing homebrew headset.

It was, to be frank, the best E3 appointment I have ever had. Today I met id Software founder and legendary coder John Carmack and tried his bonkers homebrew virtual reality headset.