Disney Epic Mickey News

Disney planning Epic Mickey 2 - report

Mooted sequel for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Disney Interactive is considering a sequel to ambitious Wii platformer Epic Mickey, judging by online marketing materials procured by Destructoid.

Epic Mickey sales

Epic Mickey sales "strong" - Disney

Revenues rise following layoffs.

Disney Interactive and Warren Spector's studio Junction Point suffered severe layoffs in recent months, but Wii-exclusive adventure game Disney Epic Mickey did the business.

The giant company's Interactive Media division saw revenues of $349 million during the first quarter up by 58 per cent.

It said it saw gains in console game sales, and "strong performance" from Epic Mickey and Toy Story 3.

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Disney confirms

Disney confirms "restructuring process"

Half of staff at interactive division axed.

Disney has confirmed a "restructuring process" at its Interactive Media Group owner of Epic Mickey creator Junction Point and Split/Second maker Black Rock - that marks its transition from a boxed game publisher to a digital publisher.

Half of Disney Interactive Studios' 700 staff may have been cut, overnight reports suggest.

"As part of setting a strategic direction for future success in the digital media space, the Disney Interactive Media Group today began a restructuring process," Disney said in a statement issued to Variety.

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Disney lays off Epic Mickey devs?

Redundancies reported at Junction Point.

Disney Interactive is handing out P45s at Warren Spector's Junction Point studio, according to numerous industry sources.

Epic Mickey sells 1.3m copies in US

Epic Mickey sells 1.3m copies in US

Spector's Wii exclusive does the business.

Disney Interactive's Epic Mickey has sold 1.3 million copies in the US alone since launch.

The Los Angeles Times cited "people familiar with the [NPD] data" for the tally, but given that the Warren Spector-developed Wii exclusive debuted at number six on the December NPD chart published yesterday, the figures seem very realistic.

Considering disappointing UK sales of the game and middling reviews that forced Spector to publicly defend the game's much-maligned camera, things weren't initially looking good for the title. However, it seems the pull of Disney's evergreen mascot remains as strong as ever in the land of the free.

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Spector defends Epic Mickey camera

It's the "hardest problem" any dev faces.

Epic Mickey director Warren Spector has defended the game's much-maligned camera, claiming getting the camera right in any game is the "hardest problem" developers face.

Disney "hugely supportive" of Epic Mickey

"Most serious Wii title in history of mankind."

Junction Point's Warren Spector has lavished praise on Disney for the quality of support he has received putting together ambitious Wii-exclusive title Epic Mickey.

Epic Mickey dated

Out November.

Warren Spector's Wii-exclusive Epic Mickey will be released on 26th November in the UK, publisher Disney Interactive has confirmed to Eurogamer.

Disney exec calls PS3 wand Gem

Plus: Epic Mickey coming to other consoles?

Disney Interactive Media bossman Steve Wadsworth has added to the confusion over what the PS3 motion controller will end up being called.

Spector plans two more Epic Mickeys

But they're not approved yet.

Warren Spector has said that he's already got two sequels for Epic Mickey planned out, although he doesn't know if they'll get made. The famous designer said that he always plans to make multiple games in a series.

Disney officially unveils Epic Mickey

Disney officially unveils Epic Mickey

Visit the Cartoon Wasteland next autumn.

Disney has officially unveiled Warren Spector's new project, Disney Epic Mickey, and said it will be out in autumn 2010.

As you may already know thanks to leaked details and a US preview and interview, it's a platform adventure exclusive to Wii.

But it's a lot more interesting than that might suggest. Spector - whose background is in games for Origin Systems, Looking Glass and Ion Storm Austin - and his Junction Point studio have come up with a story that pairs a mischievous, thirties-style Mickey Mouse with an unusual setting and exciting gameplay ideas.

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Spector was asked to "reinvent" Mickey

Chose Wii for its "congenial audience".

In a fantastic, revealing interview with Game Informer, Warren Spector has spoken about how he came to be making a Mickey Mouse game - Epic Mickey - for Disney.

Tons of Epic Mickey artwork revealed

2D sections, painting, Mickey's moods, more.

Game Informer has followed up its magazine debut of Epic Mickey with a huge online feature discussing the game's art and animation, and showing swathes of concept art and videos.

First Epic Mickey details spilled

First Epic Mickey details spilled

Wii explanation, story, gameplay.

A source close to Disney has let slip the first details of Warren Spector's new Wii game, Epic Mickey, to Eurogamer.

The choice of platform, incidentally, boils down to Mickey's tools - paintbrushes, erasers, thinner, pencils and other artist tools - being mapped to Wii remote gestures.

But let's rewind a bit.

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Epic Mickey confirmed as Wii exclusive

Epic Mickey confirmed as Wii exclusive

Game Informer puts an end to rumour.

US magazine Game Informer has announced Epic Mickey as its November cover feature, confirming the game as Wii-exclusive and in development at Junction Point Studios, where Warren Spector runs the show.

The revelation puts and end to months of speculation, although whether the finer details - which we rounded up in July - turn out to be true remains to be seen.

The cover art on the Game Informer website (via VG247) shows Mickey with a paintbrush in his hand facing off against a massive monster made of a black oil-like substance. A castle looms in the background, and both Mickey and beast appear to be melting away. It's dark, it's moody - it looks brilliant.

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Game Informer teases Epic Mickey reveal

Spector's Disney opus headlining next month.

According to some heavy hints in the latest issue of US magazine Game Informer, Warren Spector's Mickey Mouse game will be revealed in next month's issue - and its "Epic Mickey" codename might just end up as its official title.

Spector making "Epic Mickey" for Wii

Concept art shows dark take on Disney.

Evidence has emerged that Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios is working on a game codenamed "Epic Mickey" for the Wii, offering a dark, steampunk-style take on Mickey Mouse and the Magic Kingdom.