DC Universe Online News

DC Universe Online coming to Xbox One

PC and PS4 versions get cross-play.

Time to move for EU players of SOE games

PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online and EverQuest 2 accounts affected.

PlanetSide 2 out on PlayStation 4 early 2014

But DC Universe Online makes console launch.

DC Universe Online graphics, gameplay improved for PS4 launch

UPDATE: Watch the first before and after trailer.

Sons of Trigon DLC announced for DC Universe Online

New PVP characters, zones and randomised content coming this autumn.

Planetside 2 is PlayStation 4 bound

As is DC Universe Online.

70% of DC Universe Online users on PlayStation 3

"Free-to-play on PS3 is huge. A lot of people have already stored their credit card information."

New DC Universe DLC pack announced

The Last Laugh promises PvP focus next month.

DC Universe Battle For Earth DLC release date announced

Boot Brainiac out of Gotham later this month.

DC Universe revenue up 700% post free-to-play

Player numbers growing 6% every day.

DC Universe DLC expansion announced

Lightning Strikes focuses on The Flash.

F2P DC Universe Online player numbers soar

Concurrent users up 1000 per cent!

Free-to-play DC Universe picks up 120,000 new users

Concurrent player numbers up 400 per cent.

DC Universe Online free-to-play changeover date

SOE ditches subscriptions next week.

New DC Universe update goes live

Fate of the Fortress detailed.

Why DC Universe is going free-to-play

Plus, SOE talks future plans for its MMO.

DC Universe Online goes free to play

On PC and PlayStation 3.

Free DLC for DC Universe Online

Fight For The Light due next week.

DC Universe MegaServers go live

Play in a world with more players.

DC Universe adds micro-transactions

The first timid steps towards free-to-play?

Sony Online Entertainment back online

Sony MMOs begin restoration.

SOE MMOs offline for "few more days"

Compensation expands to items, money.

DC Universe fees waived for a month

SOE details its "make good" plan.

Sony Online reacts to PSN identity theft

Treats for PS3 DC Universe, Free Realms.

DC Universe Heads or Tails patch out

P-p-p-p-pick up a Penguin.

Penguin enters DC Universe Online fray

New update also brings in Two Face.

DC Universe heading to Euro PSN

Costs 40 quid, 50 Euros.

DC Universe Online coming to US PSN

"For those who just canít make it to the store."

First DC Universe Online patch arrives

Gigantic 2GB file detailed within.

Sony cuts DC Universe subscription fee

Sign up for three months, get 25% off.

Catwoman headlines DC Universe update

SOE's MMO flooded with new content.

Sony patches DC Universe bugs

New updates fix voice chat, glitches.

Sony defends DC Universe subscription

"Players feel they're getting exceptional value."

DC Universe PS3 outsells PC version

MMO is SOE's fastest selling game ever.

Sony outlines DC Universe improvements

"We're sensitive to the needs of players."

UK charts: DC Universe swoops in

As COD: Black Ops regains lead.

DC Universe beta ends with a bang

Batman vs. The Joker! Superman vs. Luthor!

DC Universe Online gets release date

Massive superhero action begins next month.

January launch for DC Universe?

PS3's "first MMO" is nearly here.

PS Plus exclusive DC Universe beta access

Subscribers get free LBP PSP add-on.

DC Universe delayed until early 2011

Beta access begins next week.

DC Universe Online given firm date

PS3 version won't require PS Plus.

Hamill, Conroy to voice DC Universe

TV and Arkham's Batman and Joker return.

DC Universe beta sign-ups open

For both PC and PS3. Also: pre-orders.

DC Universe dated for November

Simultaneous on PC and PS3.

DC Universe will swap classes for stances

Easy grouping at heart of spandex MMO.

No Station Cash for SWG, Vanguard

SOE item sales stay in EverQuest 1 & 2.

DC Universe coming in "early 2010"

Maybe even late next year for super MMO.

All future Sony MMOs console-bound

Including the next EverQuest.

Ratchet Booty coming to Blu-ray

Plus PAL details for all SCEA reveals.

New DC Universe Online details emerge

No, you can't "be" Batman. Yes, you can fly.