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DC Universe Online coming to Xbox One

PC and PS4 versions get cross-play.

Remember DC Universe Online, the PlayStation and PC superhero MMO made by the developer formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment? It's coming to Xbox One.

Time to move for EU players of SOE games

PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online and EverQuest 2 accounts affected.

European players of massively multiplayer online games PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online and EverQuest 2 will have to transfer their accounts to Sony Online Entertainment in the near future.

DC Universe Online graphics, gameplay improved for PS4 launch

DC Universe Online graphics, gameplay improved for PS4 launch

UPDATE: Watch the first before and after trailer.

UPDATE: ProSieben, the European operator of the game, has shared with Eurogamer the first video of what iconic locations in DC Universe Online will look like after Game Update 31. And here it is:

ORIGINAL STORY: Superhero MMO DC Universe Online is undergoing hefty surgery in preparation for its arrival on PlayStation 4 at some point during the console's launch window.

Game Update 31 will involve "a sweeping, game-wide graphical update" and a "remastering" of the game's central core levelling mechanic. It's "without doubt the biggest technical update we have ever done", executive producer Larry Liberty declared, cape flapping in the crime-scented wind.

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Sons of Trigon DLC announced for DC Universe Online

Sons of Trigon DLC announced for DC Universe Online

New PVP characters, zones and randomised content coming this autumn.

The eighth DLC pack for DC Universe Online, titled Sons of Trigon, will be released in autumn this year.

The new content will center around a series of battles against Trigon's sons, culminating in a battle against the demon himself.

Unlike the previous DLC content Origin Crisis, which catered to more hardcore players of the game, this eighth content drop is designed to appeal to those who prefer a smaller scale challenge. As well as a new shared area featuring plenty of solo missions, there'll also be three new Duo scenarios starring the Sons of Trigon, and a larger group Alert for the main battle against Trigon. There'll also be a new healing-focused Celestial power for players to master.

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New DC Universe DLC pack announced

New DC Universe DLC pack announced

The Last Laugh promises PvP focus next month.

Superhero MMO DC Universe Online gets its fourth major DLC expansion in June, Sony Online Entertainment has announced.

Titled The Last Laugh, the add-on offers a wealth of new PvP-focused content, including a new weapon, additional Legends characters and a number of new brawls.

The new weapon is The Shield, which you can use either in melee or ranged combat.

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DC Universe Battle For Earth DLC release date announced

DC Universe Battle For Earth DLC release date announced

Boot Brainiac out of Gotham later this month.

The next major expansion for superhero MMO DC Universe Online is available on PC and PlayStation 3 from 13th March, according to a PC Gamer reveal.

Titled Battle for Earth, it features the new Earth Powers set and a number of new adventures.

As detailed on the game's official site, a new Raid sees you defending Wonder Woman's island of Themyscira from Chimeric Brainiacs. You'll be fighting alongside various mythical creatures including Cyclops, Hydra and Colossus.

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DC Universe revenue up 700% post free-to-play

Player numbers growing 6% every day.

Daily revenue from superhero MMO DC Universe Online is up 700 per cent since it adopted the free-to-play model on 1st November, according to Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley.

DC Universe DLC expansion announced

DC Universe DLC expansion announced

Lightning Strikes focuses on The Flash.

A second DLC expansion for superhero MMO DC Universe Online goes live later this year, Sony Online Entertainment has announced.

Titled Lightning Strikes, the pack adds Electricity Powers - the game's eighth power set - and a new adventure starring The Flash.

There's also a new Central City map, new gear and new characters, including Livewire, Black Lightning, The Top, The Trickster and Static.

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F2P DC Universe Online player numbers soar

Concurrent users up 1000 per cent!

The number of people playing DC Universe Online simultaneously has risen over 1000 per cent since the superhero MMO turned free to play, Sony Online Entertainment has revealed.

New DC Universe update goes live

New DC Universe update goes live

Fate of the Fortress detailed.

A new DC Universe Online update goes live today, Sony Online Entertainment has announced.

Titled Fate of the Fortress, it picks up where Fortress of Solitude left off, with the player fighting through Brainiac's stronghold with Superman and Lex Luthor.

The second installment in the three part episode takes you deeper inside the fortress, culminating with a boss battle against one of Brainiac's chief goons.

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Why DC Universe is going free-to-play

Plus, SOE talks future plans for its MMO.

DC Universe Online is going free-to-play to "open up" the game to a wider audience, according to the game's executive producer Lorin Jameson.

DC Universe fees waived for a month

SOE details its "make good" plan.

All DC Universe Online users will get one month subscription free as a good will gesture following the Sony Online Entertainment security breach and subsequent server downtime.

DC Universe Heads or Tails patch out

DC Universe Heads or Tails patch out

P-p-p-p-pick up a Penguin.

The Heads or Tails patch was applied to DC Universe Online on PC and PS3 overnight.

Servers were down early this morning and there's no indication that anything went wrong.

The free Heads or Tails patch brings Harvey Dent/Two-Face and Penguin to DC Universe Online. Dent leads an instanced mission to Penguin's hideout, and will either help you or hinder you - as Two-Face - depending on his signature toss of a coin. Dent/Two-Face will also be playable in Legends PVP.

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First DC Universe Online patch arrives

First DC Universe Online patch arrives

Gigantic 2GB file detailed within.

The first proper patch for DC Universe Online has swooped in on PC and PS3.

It's massive, weighing a gargantuan 2GB on PS3 - better set it downloading now if you want to play tonight.

Headline patch features are a Batcave raid for eight people, various missions with Catwoman, the arrival of the Auction House and a new PVP event that involves stealing bags of diamonds.

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Catwoman headlines DC Universe update

Catwoman headlines DC Universe update

SOE's MMO flooded with new content.

Catwoman takes centre stage in new content heading to superhero MMO DC Universe Online later this month, publisher Sony Online Entertainment has revealed.

According to Kotaku, a new episode sees you traversing Gotham's rooftops in pursuit of the mischievous feline. Turns out she's holed up in a museum and has transformed security guards into lions and tigers with the help of some ancient Egyptian relics. Suffice to say, you'll need to put things right.

The update also lets you play as Catwoman in the Legends PvP mode, adds a new multiplayer race and offers up new Ancient Mayan Armor and Cat Burglar gear.

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Sony patches DC Universe bugs

Sony patches DC Universe bugs

New updates fix voice chat, glitches.

A new hotfix for Sony's DC Universe Online MMO goes live today, fixing issues with voice chat and a number of glitches.

The game's voice chat functionality had reportedly been faltering during peak hours, so Sony has updated hardware to smooth things over.

The full list of the other bug fixes made to both the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, revealed on the title's official forum, looks like this:

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Sony defends DC Universe subscription

"Players feel they're getting exceptional value."

At £9.99 a month on top of the cost of the game, PC and PlayStation 3 MMO DC Universe Online is too expensive for some gamers. For creator Sony, however, the superhero RPG offers great value because gamers regularly receive free content updates.

DC Universe PS3 outsells PC version

DC Universe PS3 outsells PC version

MMO is SOE's fastest selling game ever.

The PlayStation 3 version of DC Universe Online has outsold its PC counterpart, helping the title become Sony Online Entertainment's fastest selling game ever.

SOE president John Smedley broke the news on his Twitter feed, revealing that PlayStation 3 sales of the game made up 52 per cent of the total, compared to 48 per cent on PC.

Commenting on complaints that the game was out of stock in many stores, another Tweet read, "Working on out-of-stock problems for DCUO. It's our fastest selling game ever. Should have more inventory in Monday."

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DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online

Clicky boom boom down.

As the first MMO to attempt to bridge the gap between console and PC since Final Fantasy XI in 2002 – and the first to ever do so simultaneously at launch – DC Universe Online raises a lot of questions. Will the PC game be limited by the necessity of designing around a controller? Are PS3 owners willing to embrace a subscription model?

We'll come to these and other questions later, but let's put them aside for a moment and consider the game at face value.

Your arrival in the DC Comics universe, home of Superman and Batman, marks a call for a new breed of superhero to rise against the forces of Brainiac, who's intent on taking control of Earth. This starts, of course, with the creation of your force for good or evil, depending on whether you choose to play as a Hero or a Villain.

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DC Universe beta ends with a bang

DC Universe beta ends with a bang

Batman vs. The Joker! Superman vs. Luthor!

PC and PlayStation 3 MMO DC Universe will end its beta today for US gamers and tomorrow for European gamers, but not without one last bang.

Sony Online Entertainment plans to stage The Battle of the Legends event in-game. Beta players can align and fight alongside or against some of DC Comics' superheroes and villains as they go at it, including Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and The Joker.

All you have to do is show up to the battle when it erupts on your server. SOE detailed the server names, dates, times and locations over on its official forum.

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DC Universe Online UK pricing confirmed

It'll cost UK PC and PlayStation 3 gamers £9.99 a month to play superhero MMO DC Universe Online, Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed to Eurogamer.

A three-month subscription costs £27.99. A six-month sub sets you back £49.99.

As previously announced, there will be no annual or lifetime subscription plan for the PS3 version "at launch". On PC, a 12 month subscription costs £89.99, and a lifetime subscription £129.99.

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DC Universe Online gets release date

DC Universe Online gets release date

Massive superhero action begins next month.

PC and PlayStation 3 superhero MMO DC Universe Online will launch in the UK on 14th January 2011, Sony Online Entertainment has announced.

In the US, it'll launch on 11th January, IGN reports.

The PC version will set you back $49.99 and the PS3 version will cost $59.99 (European pricing was not revealed). Both come with a free 30-day subscription. After that expires, you'll need to fork out $15 (€13) a month – or $199 (€180) for a lifetime subscription.

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January launch for DC Universe?

January launch for DC Universe?

PS3's "first MMO" is nearly here.

Sony's forthcoming superhero MMO, DC Universe, could be with us a little sooner than expected, with Amazon announcing a January ship date for the PC and PlayStation 3 title.

According to Massively, customers who have pre-ordered the title in the US are receiving notification from the online retailer that the game will be with them between the 18th and 20th of January.

A spokesperson for Sony Online Entertainment told Eurogamer that an official announcement regarding a release date is due in the next 48 hours or so.

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PS Plus exclusive DC Universe beta access

PS Plus exclusive DC Universe beta access

Subscribers get free LBP PSP add-on.

European PlayStation Plus subscribers have exclusive access to the DC Universe Online beta, Sony has announced.

All Plus members are included and the download is being added to the Plus section of the EU PlayStation Store right now, PlayStation Network product manager James Thorpe said on the EU PlayStation Blog.

The beta requires around 15GB of space on your PS3 hard disk. Ouch. Sony said it can take an average of three to four hours to download – or more depending on your broadband internet connection.

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DC Universe delayed until early 2011

Beta access begins next week.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that DC Universe Online, its superhero MMO for PC and PS3, has been delayed until "early 2011". However, the beta starts next week.

DC Universe Online given firm date

PS3 version won't require PS Plus.

Sony Online Entertainment's superhero MMO DC Universe Online, based on the comics world of Superman, Batman and co., will launch on 2nd November this year.

Hamill, Conroy to voice DC Universe

TV and Arkham's Batman and Joker return.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Mark Hamill will voice The Joker and Kevin Conroy will play Batman in its superhero MMO, DC Universe Online.

DC Universe beta sign-ups open

DC Universe beta sign-ups open

For both PC and PS3. Also: pre-orders.

Sony Online Entertainment has opened registration for the beta test for its superhero MMO, DC Universe Online. Thanks, Massively.

There are options to sign up to test the game on either PS3 or PC. You'll need one of SOE's Station accounts to put your name down for the PC version.

There's a pre-order page open on the DC Universe site too, although at present pre-orders are only open in the US and Canada. (And while Germany, France, Spain and Italy are represented as "coming soon", the UK doesn't appear at all. What did we do?)

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FeatureSOE's John Smedley

Sony Online Entertainment's very own raid boss on the MMO company's new perspective.

Sony Online Entertainment is one of, if not the most experienced company in MMOs. It scored one of the genre's breakthrough successes with the first EverQuest, and to this day it operates the widest range of MMOs under a single roof anywhere, including Star Wars Galaxies, PlanetSide, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Vanguard, EverQuest and its sequel. In recent years, however, it has been overshadowed - not just by World of Warcraft, but also by the succession of eager, over-hyped pretenders that have attempted to grab WOW's coat-tails as Blizzard did EverQuest's.

DC Universe Online

Get cape, wear cape, fly.

At this year's E3, Sony Online Entertainment's DC Universe Online revealed the most important part of its superhero arsenal: weight. Lag-buffered and saddled with simplified combat animations, many MMOs are lacking any tangible sense of physicality, numbers and stats taking the place of proper hit responses, while convenient magic effects cover up the worst of the collision detection crimes with a blur of fizzing particles.

DC Universe will swap classes for stances

Easy grouping at heart of spandex MMO.

Sony Online Entertainment spent last week's Consumer Electronics Show demoing its PS3 and PC superhero MMO DC Universe Online to the American press, and a few new details have filtered through.

No Station Cash for SWG, Vanguard

SOE item sales stay in EverQuest 1 & 2.

Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley has told Massively that there are no plans to bring the Station Cash item sales just introduced to EverQuest and EverQuest II to SOE's other current games.

DC Universe coming in "early 2010"

Maybe even late next year for super MMO.

Comics writer Geoff Johns, currently working on the script for Sony Online Entertainment's licensed superhero MMO DC Universe Online, has said the developer is working towards an early 2010 release - if not earlier.

All future Sony MMOs console-bound

Including the next EverQuest.

After revealed that he was keen on bringing MMOs to PSP, Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley has spoken more about his company's console development strategy, and it amounts to this: every future SOE game is console-bound.

FeatureFear and Levelling in Las Vegas

Eurogamer goes gonzo at Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire.

I have an admission to make: even though I've played MMOs for years, I guess I believed the stereotypes, and I expected Sony Online Entertainment's annual Fan Faire in Las Vegas to be filled with shuffling, socially-awkward freaks with poor dress sense, using obscure science-fiction references to mask their conversational inadequacy. The reasons for this are quite simple: having played MMOs for years, I'm a shuffling, socially-awkward freak with poor dress sense, and I use obscure science-fiction references to mask my conversational inadequacy.

FeatureDC Universe Online

SOE Austin's John Blakely.

As vice president of development at Sony Online Entertainment's Austin studio, John Blakely has seen the release of both licensed MMOs, with Star Wars Galaxies, and console MMOs, like EverQuest Online Adventures for the PS2. Now, as executive producer on the studio's forthcoming DC Universe Online, due out for both PS3 and PC, he has to do both at once. We caught up with him at SOE's Las Vegas Fan Faire to see how the game is progressing, and discuss the current state of the MMO scene.

DC Universe Online

Flying without wings.

With great power comes great responsibility, as a certain superhero once learned. The same can be said of a great licence. There's always a chance you'll bungle it, produce something that appeals to neither fans of the IP nor the gaming genre, and spend the next five years apologising for your mistakes.

New DC Universe Online details emerge

New DC Universe Online details emerge

No, you can't "be" Batman. Yes, you can fly.

Some new details have emerged of DC Universe Online, the new PC and PS3 MMO in development at Sony Online Entertainment.

In this month's Edge magazine, executive creative director Jim Lee describes DC Universe as a "kick-ass hybrid between a traditional MMO and a first-person action console game".

You'll get to create your own superhero or villain, choosing their particular powers, according to the Edge article. So you'll decide whether to attack using fire or ice, for example, and move around using acrobatics or the power of flight. Other potential abilities mentioned in the article include speed-running and teleportation.

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