Brink Videos

Digital Foundry | Brink Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off

A resolution deficit on 360 puts PS3 ahead.

Digital Foundry | Brink Xbox 360/PS3 Performance Analysis

A clear PS3 win in Splash Damage's multiplayer epic.

Video | The EGTV Show: Eurogamers Vs. Brink

The game, the studio, the tournament.

Video | No PSN for Brink? Don't panic!

A message from Splash Damage.

Video | Brink launch trailer leaps in

Parkour shooter finally lands this week.

Video | Brink - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer tries Splash Damage's shooter.

Video | Yet more new Brink gameplay footage

Splash Damage details each class type.

Video | Brink training footage shows HUD

Splash Damage have the heads-up.

Video | More Brink gameplay training tips

Splash Damage reveals tricks of the trade.

Video | Brink training trailer solves objectives

Shoot! Hack! Capture! Blowtorch!

Video | Brink weapons trailer unleashed

Splash Damage opens the armoury.

Video | Brink - final developer diary

The end of the genre as we know it?

Video | Brink - first developer diary

Behind the scenes with Bethesda's FPS.

Video | Brink - Cinematic

Insured against slobber damage.

Video | Brink's Container City gameplay

Paul Wedgwood talks us through.