Brink Videos

Digital FoundryBrink Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off

A resolution deficit on 360 puts PS3 ahead.

Digital FoundryBrink Xbox 360/PS3 Performance Analysis

A clear PS3 win in Splash Damage's multiplayer epic.

VideoThe EGTV Show: Eurogamers Vs. Brink

The game, the studio, the tournament.

VideoNo PSN for Brink? Don't panic!

A message from Splash Damage.

VideoBrink launch trailer leaps in

Parkour shooter finally lands this week.

VideoBrink - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer tries Splash Damage's shooter.

VideoBrink trailer shows in-game parkour

And Brink Tour 2010 footage.

VideoFinal Brink training footage tools up

Turrets! Mines! Disguises!

VideoYet more new Brink gameplay footage

Splash Damage details each class type.

VideoBrink training footage shows HUD

Splash Damage have the heads-up.

VideoMore Brink gameplay training tips

Splash Damage reveals tricks of the trade.

VideoBrink training trailer solves objectives

Shoot! Hack! Capture! Blowtorch!

VideoBrink trailer wants to get you training

Top fighting tips and tricks.

VideoBrink weapons trailer unleashed

Splash Damage opens the armoury.

VideoBrink - final developer diary

The end of the genre as we know it?

VideoBrink - first developer diary

Behind the scenes with Bethesda's FPS.

VideoBrink - Cinematic

Insured against slobber damage.

VideoBrink's character customisation

How to look dangerous.

VideoBrink's Container City gameplay

Paul Wedgwood talks us through.

VideoEG Expo 2009 Developer Sessions: Paul Wedgwood on Brink

Splash Damage's CEO talks up his FPS.