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Brink gets clan support

For all three versions.

Multiplayer-focused first-person shooter Brink now supports clans.

Developer Splash Damage has launched the Clans and Tournaments beta site, which adds the following functionality:

  • Create your own Brink clan, allowing you to manage everything from your name and logo to recruitment status, and your members.
  • If running your own clan isn't your thing, join an existing squad that's currently recruiting.
  • Fight for position on Brink's Global Clan Ladder by challenging other clans and defeating them in exciting clan matches.
  • Enter your clan into tournaments with unique rule sets and map rotations.

Earlier this month Splash Damage posted a walkthrough of the new features on its blog, but advised checking out the Brink Clans and Tournaments beta site to get started. You need an account to see your stats and access all the features.

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