The Beatles: Rock Band News

MTV: Green Day should outsell Beatles

"Higher awareness" among demographic.

MTV wants Rock Band bonuses back

Seeking refund on $150m paid to Harmonix.

The Beatles: Rubber Soul DLC dated

New Rock Band tracks due this week.

Rock Band library swells to 1000 songs

Plus: create-and-share Network in 2010.

Sgt. Pepper released for Beatles: RB

Today on 360 and Wii, Thursday on PSN.

Beatles DLC screws up online modes

Problem only appears to affect Europe.

Dhani Harrison helping with RB controllers

Wants them to help teach music.

Abbey Road out now for Beatles RB

The End was just the beginning.

Sales will determine Beatles DLC plan

Schedule not set post Rubber Soul?

Music games are "crap", says Bunnyman

Hopes players get "electrocuted".

SingStar Beatles mic bundle confirmed

Two wired mics and game for 50 quid.

Beatles: Rock Band is selling well

Says man who sells Beatles: Rock Band.

UK charts: Guitar Hero 5 beats Beatles

Plus: McRae sees off Batman.

Eurogamer rocks the Cavern Club

Gamers grab Ł9.99 Beatles at UK launch.

Limited Beatles 360s auctioned for charity

Console is "platform for social change" - MS.

Lennon would've been "excited" about RB

McCartney, Ono and Harrison speak out.

Last Beatles: RB song revealed

Yes, the list has finally come to an End.

Harmonix considering Natal for RB3

Third game in development now.

Beatles: RB song pricing revealed

Plus: SingStar rumours trampled.

Beatles: Rock Band tracklist revealed

All but one song set in stone.

More albums announced for Beatles: RB

Sergeant Pepper! Rubber Soul! Fin.

More Beatles: Rock Band tracks revealed

Yellow Submarine! Get Back! Et Cetera!

Beatles: Rock Band wows Abbey Road

Harmonix performs at remasters unveiling.

Jackson death won't affect Beatles RB

Harmonix says everything still on track.

Original Beatles advising on Rock Band

McCartney's been heckling the designers.

E3: Beatles: Rock Band DLC restricted

Not available to other RB games.

E3: Real Beatles show off game

10 songs listed, charity release, albums...

Last Beatles: RB instruments revealed

Lennon's guitar costs 90 quid.

Beatles: Rock Band to cost GBP 179

That's for the game, guitar, drums and mic.

Beatles game gets date and price

And instruments based on John's, Paul's etc.