Angry Birds Space News

Angry Birds movie to be penned by The Simpsons and King of the Hill writer

Who also played a hand in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

Angry Birds movie set for 1st July 2016

Here's hoping Mickey Rourke is involved.

The Angry Birds movie officially announced

Coming to theaters in summer of 2016.

Angry Birds Space's Red Planet update is now live

Guest starring the Curiosity rover as itself.

Apple deploys quick-fix for in-app purchases hack

But won't be patched properly until iOS6.

Fake Angry Birds developer fined 50,000

Scammed gamers with premium SMS messages.

Angry Birds Space downloaded 50 million times

Fastest-growing mobile game ever.

Angry Birds creator Rovio buys Unstoppable Gorg developer

Futuremark to focus on its PC benchmark software.

Angry Birds Space sees incredible early success

10 million downloads in less than three days.

Angry Birds Space won't release on Windows Phone

UPDATE: Rovio backtracks, says it IS working on a WP port.

Angry Birds-themed play parks coming to UK

It's all wings and roundabouts.

Angry Birds Space release date

Has gravitational pulls, special powers.

Rovio CEO's grandparents remortgaged flat to save Angry Birds

Risky investment turned into nice little nest egg.

Angry Birds Space announced

Rovio's latest leaves the launch pad next month.