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Sony: Gamers' Voice demands answers

Information Commissioner to investigate.

UK gamer rights group Gamers' Voice will ask the Information Commissioner to investigate Sony over the huge security leak that has left over 70 million PlayStation Network users worried about the security of their credit card information.

Last night Sony warned its customers to check their credit card statements and change their online passwords after confirming data theft had occurred.

Gamers' Voice slammed Sony over the episode, and criticised the company for not alerting customers to the full extent of the data leak earlier.

"The response by Sony to this situation is at best disappointing and at worse dangerous as it has left up to 75 million customers at risk of identity theft and fraud," Gamers' Voice chairman Paul Gibson told Eurogamer.

"While the Playstation Network being down for the better part of the week is unfortunate, it is the continuous lack of information being provided to gamers on the potential loss of their personal details which is most worrying.

"Since this security breach took place a week ago, Sony should have notified its customers immediately of the potential loss of information. We are contacting the Information Commissioner in the UK to see what powers they have to investigate this matter further and hopefully to force some answers from Sony about the extent of this security breach."

The Information Commissioner's Office has the power to rule on complaints and can take action when the law is broken.

Sony is currently facing one of the biggest crises in PlayStation's history.

The Japanese company has promised to "assess the correct course of action" once PSN is back online following calls for refunds.