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GameHorizon conference sessions to be streamed online

Among other things, Ubisoft will discuss how multiple studios create games like Watch Dogs without tripping on each other.

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Star-gazing, future-loving games industry conference GameHorizon is back at The Sage in Newcastle in late spring this year, and while that might not sound interesting to you on the surface of it unless you actually work in games, the fact that this year's sessions will be broadcast live on the internet perhaps will.

GameHorizon has been running for a few years but in 2012 it was acquired by pesky media company Eurogamer Network Ltd (full disclosure: it's possible we are related), and following that company's success broadcasting developer sessions online during the Eurogamer Expo in September, the decision was made to stream the GameHorizon sessions too.

That means that on 8th and 9th May this year you'll be able, should you be so inclined, to watch along as Ubisoft Reflections MD Pauline Jacquey talks about how the local Newcastle studio collaborates with Ubisoft's network of studios on projects like Watch Dogs and Ghost Recon Online. This global way of working obviously brings success - both Assassin's Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 were made in this way - and Jacquey will talk about how it works and what makes it advantageous for forward-thinking companies.

Later on, Paradox Interactive boss Fredrik Wester will talk about the importance of catering to niche gamers within online gaming platforms, while Bossa Studios bossa Henrique Olifiers will discuss gaming's future relationships with social networks. Elsewhere on the schedule, Mark Rein from Epic Games and GameStick's Sameer Baroova will be on a roundtable about new opportunities in game hardware, and there are plenty of other sessions still to be announced.

Not for you? Fair enough. We just thought we'd mention it. But if you work in the games industry and want to know more, check out the GameHorizon website, and you can watch out for the streaming on our sister site GamesIndustry International on 8th and 9th May.

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