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GAME will isolate all traded-in stock for three days

When stores re-open next week.

UK high street giant GAME will begin re-opening in England and Northern Ireland from 15th June, but with some changes.

In line with local guidance, GAME shops in Wales will open from 18th June, while Scottish stores do not yet have a date for re-opening.

GAME's Trade-In service will immediately resume.

Across the UK, GAME shops have adopted a new set of practices to reduce contact between staff and customers - and to sanitise traded-in products.

"You will be unable to browse our stores due to social distancing rules, but our knowledgeable staff will be able to advise you on any of your requirements," GAME wrote in an email to customers today.

Customer numbers in-store will be limited, and markers will help maintain the two-metre social distancing rule. Use of the chain's Click and Collect services is encouraged.

Trade-in services will immediately resume, with added protocols in place.

"We are asking the customers to place their products they are wanting to Trade-In on the counter and advising customers to step back while the staff member picks the items up and checks the products," GAME's email continues.

"All Trade-In products will be wiped clean with alcohol wipes. All the traded in stock will be isolated for 3 days before going out on sale."

GAME staff are being supplied with masks, gloves, face guards and hand sanitiser. Perspex screens at tills will also be in place.

Customers are told to pay via contactless or mobile payments if possible - and to expect trade-ins to take longer to ensure the safety of both customers and staff.

GAME's Belong venues will remain shut for the time being, but will re-open "as soon as we can".