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GAME to shut down Xbox-only London store

Boxpark packing up.

GAME Boxpark, the Xbox-only store in London's trendy Shoreditch area, will shut down before the end of this month.

The trial store opened in June 2013 and was designed to showcase Xbox 360 and Xbox One products, particularly in the lead-up to the latter's autumn launch.

GAME has said that the store was only rented on a "short-term contract" but that learnings from its operation have been implemented in other stores nationwide.

"[It] has given us real insight into what consumers expect from the next generation of retail," GAME exec Dave Howard told MCV.

"Customers really showed an appetite for hands-on experience, interactive displays and a way to digitally access Xbox Live content. We will continue to innovate our stores with Microsoft."

Eurogamer popped along last year to have a look at the UK's first Xbox-exclusive GAME. Robert Purchese described the shop as tiny, "like a corridor" but with a heavy focus on getting hands-on experiences with products.

"To my eye it looks like the video game shop of the future," Purchese said, "On an experimentally small scale at the moment."