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GAME pulls mention of SNES emulator from its Ouya advertising

Boasted of "free games to try".

UK retail giant GAME has been spotted promoting a SNES emulator in its advertising for new Android-based console Ouya.

An image on GAME's website - live until late this morning - promoted Ouya with the promise of "free games to try", including emulated SNES titles via the Super GNES app.

Mention of the software has now been removed.

Ouya is exclusive to GAME shops in the UK, and is available online from

The emulator has now been replaced in GAME's line-up by side-scrolling Android action title Muffin Knight.

Emulation software itself remains a legal grey area, although the ripped versions of games they're designed to play - those "free games to try" - are almost always pirated.

Nintendo continues to sell SNES games in downloadable form via the Wii's Shop Channel and its eShop apps for 3DS and Wii U.

Eurogamer has asked GAME for comment on the matter.