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GAME doing half-price DSi deal

When you trade in an old console.

GAME will offer the Nintendo DSi for half-price this April to anyone trading in an old console or handheld.

Xbox 360, PSP-3000, Wii and DS machines are accepted, and knock the subsequent asking price for the DSi down to GBP 74.99.

"Our customers are very excited about the launch of the DSi, and all of our stores are fully geared up to take pre-orders and help customers understand all of the innovative features of the new machine," GAME operations director Robert Quinn told GamesIndustry.biz.

"We're working closely with Nintendo to organise a huge launch, which is perfectly timed for the Easter holidays.

"As always, we'll have plenty of stock and some fantastic launch offers to give customers the best possible experience. We're already offering the DSi for half price if customers trade in one of their other consoles," he added.

The deal puts the handheld at a lower price point than many retailers sell the DS Lite for. At the standard price of GBP 149.99, however, the DSi costs more than the Arcade Xbox 360 unit.

The DSi launches here on 3rd April. The new handheld features bigger screens, a built-in microphone, on-board memory, an SD memory card slot, an extra brightness setting and other bits and bobs.

Those bits and bobs are discussed in depth in our appropriately in-depth hands-on impressions of the DSi.