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Game Dev Story companion out in Japan

Be The Game Dealer.

Game Dev Story, last year's videogame industry darling and recipient of a 9/10 review score from Eurogamer, has a little brother - and it's Japanese.

Waiwai! The Game Dealer is out now on the Japanese App Store (spotted by Touch Arcade).

It's a simulation that sees players assume the role of a game store manager. You can offer food to your customers. Are you listening GAME?

Kairosoft's Game Dev Story was one of the surprise hits of 2010. "Game Dev Story is easily the best thing I've ever played on the iPhone," gushed Keza MacDonald for Eurogamer. "Unlike most addictive mobile games, which make you hate yourself a little for wasting so much time, it feels like you're investing in something. There's no other game that offers this much depth for £2.39, and it's so adorably packaged that it's impossible to resent it even when it dominates your entire Sunday."

A proper sequel is in the works, making Game Dealer somewhat of a stopgap, but will it release in Europe? Screens are below.