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GAME confirms another PlayStation 5 restock is happening tomorrow

Disc and digital editions purchasable online.

If, like many in this era of ongoing chip shortages, you're still in the market for one of those new-fangled - and still frustratingly hard to come by - next-gen consoles, UK retailer GAME has announced it's poised to unleash another online PS5 stock refresh tomorrow, 14th September.

According to GAME's announcement tweet, the stock refresh will include both disc and digital editions of PlayStation 5 - usually retailing for £449.99 and £359.99 respectively - alongside a currently unspecified selection of bundles, with everything due to go on sale via its website at the equally non-specific time of tomorrow "morning".

An online queuing system will once again be in place for those trying to order through GAME's website to accommodate the significant amount of traffic expected, and, as the retailer puts it, to make the process "as smooth and fair as possible for our customers".

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GAME also notes anyone attempting to order more than one console will have their additional orders cancelled within 24 hours - although it's unlikely the company's faintly disapproving tone will go anyway to dissuading the usual influx of scalpers from at least trying.

Elsewhere, other word on the (high) street suggests Argos is also preparing for another stock refresh, with that expected to happen sometime between tomorrow, 14th September, and Friday, 17th September. You can keep an eye on Eurogamer's PlayStation 5 stock updates page for news on additional forthcoming units.