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Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem coming to Nintendo Switch

Blazes in next week.

Nintendo Switch Online will gain Game Boy Advance tactical role-player Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade next week, on Friday 23rd June.

Often simply referred to as Fire Emblem, this was an important entry in Nintendo's long-running RPG series - the very first to be released in the West.

Originally launched in Japan back in April 2003, it finally reached European shores in July 2004, and began the franchise's journey to becoming a household name on these shores.

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As ever, you'll need the Nintendo Switch Online's pricier Expansion Pack tier to play this and other Game Boy Advance titles, as well as those on N64.

"It's a game with real heart that fans of Japanese RPGs can't fail to fall in love with. It's also the best turn-based title on the Game Boy Advance since the original Advance Wars," Eurogamer wrote in our original Fire Emblem review.

If you live in Japan - or have access to a Japanese Switch account - Nintendo is also adding Blazing Blade's predecessor Binding Blade. There's no English translation for that still, sadly.

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