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Galacticare offers hospital management in space, out later this year

To infirmary and beyond.

Indie developer Brightrock Games has announced its next game: Galacticare.

Taking a cue from Theme Hospital, Galacticare is a sci-fi hospital management game set in space, with weird aliens and even weirder afflictions.

It's due out on Steam, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and GOG later this year. Check out the trailer below, just beware there's a lot of sick!

Galacticare Announcement TrailerWatch on YouTube

Galacticare promises an "offbeat narrative" that ties together its various missions, taking players on a journey beyond just managing a hospital.

Management is the core of the game, though, with wards and treatment rooms to design, diseases to diagnose and cure, and consultants to hire. Hospitals are situated orbiting volcanic planets, deep-space graveyards, and even psychic alien deities.

There are also platonic relationships, galactic exploration, horrendous accidents, and professional ruin, apparently. Watch out for that.

It looks like Galacticare will offer some complex systems, then, all delivered with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humour.

The game is available to wishlist on Steam now.