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G1 Jockey Wii to use balance board

Remote to function as whip.

KOEI has decided to add balance board support to its 2008 instalment of G1 Jockey on Wii.

The September offering will have you "assuming a jockey crouch" to guide your horsey to victory, on top of whipping it with your Wii remote or maybe stroking its hair if it does well and earns you top guinea.

G1 Jockey made its Wii debut last July after causing a stir on PS2 with its special reins controller.

The idea is you take your tiny rider from zero to hero in a well-structured career mode. You can rear your own studs in the stable too, and play God as you make winners do romance and breed a long line of thoroughbreds.

It is very niche, but the broad audience of the Wii and the balance board addition should give it more attention than ever.

Hopefully it won't fade in the final furlongs this time around.

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