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Funimation content comes to anime subscription Crunchyroll

A fun addition to PS Plus?

Funimation content comes to anime subscription service Crunchyroll, starting today.

It means the two services have now merged into one subscription under the Crunchyroll name, to form the world's largest anime collection. Pricing remains the same.

From today, 40,000+ sub and dub anime episodes are available on Crunchyroll, including Funimation additions like Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, Fruits Basket, My Hero Academia and more.

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There's a full list of additions on the Crunchyroll website.

"When we brought Funimation and Crunchyroll together last year, our top priority was to put fans first," said Colin Decker, CEO of Crunchyroll.

"Unifying all of our brands and services under the Crunchyroll brand globally enables us to offer more value than ever before as we combine subs, dubs, simulcasts, library, music, movies, manga - all into one subscription.

"The new Crunchyroll is the realisation of a dream, and we are grateful to the creators of anime and the millions of fans who have joined us in making the community what it is today."

Both companies are owned by Sony - it bought Crunchyroll last year for $1.175bn.

As part of that buyout, it has been suggested that Crunchyroll may be offered as part of a premium PlayStation Plus offering. Now, with Funimation included, it would be even better value for money.

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