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Funds from Microsoft Points switchover expire 1st June

Use them or lose them, Microsoft warns.

Xbox account credit received during the Microsoft Points switchover expires at the end of the month, Microsoft has warned.

Don't lose that nine pence.

The company has begun emailing affected Xbox users to warn them they will soon lose any remaining "promotional credit" in their account.

This refers to the equivalent funds that Microsoft added to Xbox accounts when the Microsoft Point system was retired back in the summer of 2013.

800 Microsoft Points translated to around £6.80, while 1200 MSP awarded you around a tenner.

"When we retired Microsoft Points in 2013, people who had remaining Points received equivalent or greater purchasing power in local currency and were informed the funds would expire," a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to Eurogamer.

"Many have used these funds to purchase games, add-ons and other content. Remaining promotional balances are set to expire June 1, 2015. We are committed to working directly with our customers who have specific questions about their individual accounts."

Remaining credit can be used on games, music or videos from Microsoft's various digital stores. Or you can leave it be and see it be donated to Microsoft's coffers.

While it's likely that the majority of people will have used up their balance long before now, anyone who has been using a debit or credit card instead of their balance may still have a stock of credit saved up.

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