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Full DS download titles for Wii

Transfer them across.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo America power-dresser Reggie Fils-Aime has said you will be able to download complete DS games on Wii and transfer them over.

He was chatting to the New York Times (well spotted, Kotaku) about the Everybody's Nintendo channel, which lets you shimmy content between the two consoles like demos, trailers and more.

It is the first time Nintendo has mentioned full games, however, although we can only stab like a murderer at what form they will take: GBA back catalogue or more up-to-date offerings?

For Fils-Aime it is a necessary avenue the platform holder has to explore as it seeks to increase its vast 50-million-plus audience around the world; in Japan users can already access guided tours in museums, and in the US baseball fans in Seattle could access statistics and videos at games using the DS, as well as order oversized food and drink.

"To aggressively drive DS business we need to provide other forms of entertainment to excite the consumer," declared Fils-Aime, probably still reeling after Wii Fit concluded he was a little chubby around the gills at E3.

Currently Nintendo UK has no plans to roll the service out here, which roughly translates to "it will take a while" - probably mid to late 2008, then.

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