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Frozen wasteland shooter Scavengers shows more of its co-opetition

And there's a technical playtest this month.

Surviving a world ravaged by the effects of an asteroid impact? That's probably lined up for the end of 2020, sure, but it's also the backstory for free-to-play "co-opetition" shooter Scavengers, which has released a new gameplay trailer to show what it's all about.

The video shows a glimpse of the game's expanded map, in which players will find hundreds of advanced AI enemies and creatures... all of which want to kill you. In rival teams of three, players compete to survive and score points across the wasteland using both PvE and PvP. There's also a class system in play, with players able to select from a "roster of adaptive explorers [to] combine signature abilities with lethal weaponry, and use deep tactical teamplay to outthink and outfight enemy players". You can track rival squads through the snow, set wildlife on enemies, stealth into AI outposts or just start blasting everything.

Cover image for YouTube videoScavengers - Official Gameplay Trailer

Scavengers will release on PC and current-gen consoles in 2021, but before then it will have a closed alpha and beta this year. The Midwinter Entertainment team has already done some testing over the past year, but there's another opportunity to try it out coming up, as the game will hold a technical playtest weekend between 18th-20th September. If you want to catch a glimpse of the game in pre-alpha form, you can sign up here.

Midwinter is owned by Improbable, the company behind networking technology SpatialOS. A number of games using the technology struggled to get off the ground last year, so hopefully Scavengers's "groundbreaking AI numbers and sophistication" will be able to show off SpatialOS' capabilities.