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From The Getaway to underwater exploration

Veteran Sony designer announces Blue Eden for iPhone.

One of the developers of PlayStation 2 game The Getaway has tried his hand at something very different.

Blue Eden is a 69p easy-going family-friendly iOS underwater exploration game designed to promote the preservation of ocean wildlife. It's the first game from new UK studio Skoobie Games, and is due out on the App Store on 20th February.

You control a school of powderblue surgeonfish, growing them from small beginnings into a 200-strong unit as you explore the sea. Expect to tackle migration, feeding, predators (including shark attacks) and breeding.

Blue Eden's game designer is Chun Wah Kong, who worked as a lead designer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Team Soho studio from 1999 to 2005. He led design on The Getaway, the 2002 PS2 open world action adventure directed by LA Noire chief Brendan McNamara.

"With the advent of mainstream mobile games, we wanted to create an experience that provides more than quick bursts of entertainment," he said.

"I wanted to come up with something that mattered to each and everyone of us. Tech is big news but I think we need to spend time talking more about nature too. I'm a big fan of ocean documentaries and wanted to create the same sense of curiosity and wonderment in a game."

Trailer is below.

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