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Free XBLA game for the US

Made by work experience boys.

Microsoft is offering American 360 owners a gift this week - and giving three of its tea boys (well, we think that's what 'intern' means) a big pat on the back. It's releasing their project, side-scrolling shooter Aegis Wing, as a free download on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday.

Presumably, this is so it doesn't have to pay them extra.

Aegis Wing is a 2D space shooter in the classic mould, supporting up to four players either locally or over Xbox Live. Players join forces to blast their way through waves of alien Araxians using the experimental Aegis Wing spacecraft. The Aegis Wing allows them to combine their craft into formations of two, three of four ships, giving access turret fire and four super weapons. This makes us think of old cartoons, and feel jealous.

Aegis Wing was originally designed by three students - Scott Brodie, Danny Dyer and Matt Monson - during a summer internship at Microsoft. The three then worked with seasoned Live Arcade developer Carbonated Games (Uno, Hexic) to polish it up for release.

Aegis Wing will be available to download from Live Arcade this Wednesday, but only for those with North American accounts, and only for a limited time.

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