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Free-to-play Pokémon Quest lines up mobile launch date

Let's go.

Pokémon Quest will launch for iOS and Android devices next week, on Wednesday, 27th June.

The simple free-to-play spin-off is already available for Switch, and acts as a cute, simple time-waster until meatier Pokémon games arrive.

Developed by Game Freak, the team behind those mainline Pokémon games, Quest is a voxelly sort of Diablo where your Pokémon go and bother others.

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"There are, of course, all of the intricacies you expect from Pokémon games," Chris Donlan wrote after trying Pokémon Quest for himself. "Pokémon types come into play in terms of the areas that you're exploring, there are already long-range and short-range Pokémon to take into account, and then there's all the fun of levelling them and getting new skills.

"Two hours in and I don't want to stop playing, but this is by design a cheerfully passive sort of playing: I sit back, an absentee parent, while my Pokémon run wild."