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Free game Frog Fractions might be the most deranged thing you'll play this year

And that includes a year that contains Time Ducks.

One-man studio Jim Crawford aka Twinbeard Studios has released what might be the strangest game this year with his free browser title Frog Fractions.

Don't let this image fool you. Although it is a very funny cover once you discover all the 'adult' material later on.

Initially it starts off under the guise of an innocuous edutainment game where you play as a frog on a lilypad using your tongue to slurp up insects and collect fruit, but after a few minutes things take a turn for the insane when you're introduced to a host of upgrades like a cybernetic brain, dragon, and warp drive. Even that only scratches the surface of the bizarre and ever-changing game mechanics and preposterous scenarios that are in store for you.

To say any more would ruin the surprise, but nothing is off limits and by the end you'll have encountered bacon milkshakes, something called "Bug Jersey Shore," and eventually you will have to actually make decisions involving math in the most ridiculous of settings.

I'd highly recommend giving it a go, especially if you like absurdest humour. Games rarely get as far out - or funny - as this.