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Freddy Krueger comes to Dead by Daylight

UPDATE: Launch video details new killer, new survivor, and map.

UPDATE 25/10/17 7.40pm: Dead by Daylight's A Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter Pack is now live on Steam. To celebrate, developer Behaviour Interactive has released an extended video, highlighting the new additions.

As expected, the latest DLC pack includes a new killer, new survivor, and a new map. Sadly (as far as I'm concerned, at least), these are all based on the 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street remake rather than the 1984 original, so no Robert Englund or Nancy Thompson here.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead by Daylight | A Nightmare on Elm Street | Spotlight Trailer

Instead, Dead by Daylight gets new killer Freddy Krueger in something resembling his Jackie Earle Haley guise, while the new survivor is remake protagonist Quentin Smith. Finally, Badham Preschool is the pack's new map - and it does, of course, have a basement.

Unsurprisingly, sleep is the major new mechanic in the Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter Pack. In a survivor's default, awake state, Freddy can neither do harm, nor be seen. However, if Freddy is able to send a survivor to sleep (which takes a few moments, affording some time to hide), they're dragged into the dream world, and become susceptible to Freddy's claws. Full update details can be found in the video above.

ORIGINAL STORY 25/10/17 11.47pm: Melty-faced '80s horror icon Freddy Krueger will join asymmetrical multiplayer slash-'em-up Dead by Daylight on October 26th, developer Behaviour Interactive has announced.

The only other piece of notable information released so far is that cinema's greatest sleep-botherer will arrive as part of a new A Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter pack.

That's significant insofar as Dead by Daylight's 'Chapter' DLC traditionally includes a new survivor and a new map (AKA Realm), alongside a new killer. By contrast, Dead by Daylight's 'Paragraph' DLC packs only include killers.

Hopefully that means that the Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter will offer a reasonably substantial treat for Halloween, and not just Freddy in his favourite jumper.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead by Daylight | A Nightmare on Elm Street™ | Official Trailer

Freddy Krueger is the third classic horror movie villain to join the ranks of Dead by Daylight's slaughtermeisters, following in the bloody footsteps of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface and Halloween's Michael Myers.

Previous Chapter packs have cost £4.99 on Steam and £6-7 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so it's a fair bet that the A Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter pack will follow suit.