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Fortnite's UFO season finale live event dated

Operation: Sky Fire.

Fortnite has announced its next live event, Operation: Sky Fire, which will act as an explosive finale to its current UFO-themed season.

Operation: Sky Fire will be held live in-game next Sunday, 12th September at 9pm UK time (that's 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific).

Epic Games advises you log-in 30 minutes early to access the event playlist and avoid disappointment.

Fortnite's big Marvel season finale.

Fortnite's live events are always ambitious, but this should be a particularly fun one. Epic says Operation: Sky Fire will take players inside the UFO mothership which has loomed large over the Fortnite island for the past season, and that up to 16 friends can play the one-off experience together.

The game's current alien season has been one of the best in a while, with numerous new gadgets to play around with, frequent map changes and a fun abduction gameplay loop that sees you sucked inside UFOs as part of an alien test exercise. Oh, and Ariana Grande showed up.

This season has also carried one of the game's most coherent storylines in a while, as IO - the mysterious agency of island overlords - fully emerged from the shadows to take down the UFO invaders. It all comes to a climax next week, with artwork for the event showing IO boss Slone's explosive plan to see the aliens off once and for all. I am sure nothing at all will go wrong.

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