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Adam Driver parodied Fortnite in a great Saturday Night Live sketch

Bus Driver.

If you've ever experienced the full horror of teaching a parent how to game, look away now. This video may bring back unpleasant memories.

Fortnite has clearly reached a point in popular culture where it can be parodied on major American TV programmes, as this latest sketch by Saturday Night Live shows. Adam Driver plays a single dad who wants to be better at Fortnite than his son's stepfather. Teaching him the ropes are "Fortnite players" Pete Davidson and and Kyle Mooney - but despite their best efforts, it seems nothing can save the squad from disaster.

While the sketch includes many obvious gamer tropes like running into a wall, the devil is in the details. There are some specific Fortnite references - such as the sound effects and that dumb jumping everyone does - in addition to details like Adam Driver's username, "WilliamMcTavish1972," which absolutely sounds like every parent account ever. Oh - and take a close look at the way Driver holds that controller. Amazing.

The sketch seems to have done a pretty good job of walking the line between in-depth gaming references and jokes for non-Fortnite players. The online response has been pretty positive, with both parents and teenagers seemingly enjoying the video. Who knew that all it took to unite the generational divide was a Fortnite parody.

Personally, I'd love to see more of these gaming-themed comedy sketches. PUBG next, anyone?

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