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Football Manager 2020 gets November release date on PC and mobile devices

Beta expected around two weeks before launch.

Sports Interactive has announced that this year's iteration of Football Manager, better known as Football Manager 2020, will be coming to Steam and mobile devices on 19th November.

According to the developer, three versions of the game will be launching on the same day; the full-fat Football Manager 2020 will be available on Steam, while Football Manager 2020 Touch (described as a more streamlined version, "only focusing on the core responsibilities that a manager would have") launches on Steam, iOS and Android. Lastly, Football Manager 2020 Mobile will release on iOS and Android only.

Sports Interactive also notes that Football Manager launch dates for Switch (which will be getting the Touch version of the game) and Stadia are "coming soon".

Cover image for YouTube videoFootball Manager 2020 - Announce Trailer

As for Football Manager 2020's previously announced beta, Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson told an inquiring fan on Twitter that it will be made available on PC and Mac (to those that pre-order the game from participating digital retailers) "as soon as it's ready", likely to be around two weeks prior to full launch on 19th November.