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Footage of Crytek's first mobile CryEngine game

Due for iOS and Android next year.

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Ryse developer Crytek has announced The Collectables, its first free-to-play mobile game that will use the company's shiny CryEngine technology.

The 2014 title will be an "over-the-top" 3D action strategy title for Android, iPhone and iPad that looks a lot like The Expendables movies.

Crytek is working with mobile developer DeNA on the game, which will see a squad of characters sent on life-or-death missions.

"DeNA offers unparalleled experience in the mobile gaming space, and we're excited to be collaborating with their team to deliver The Collectables to players," said Crytek exec Paha Schulz. "The Collectables will be the first free-to-play mobile game that leverages Crytek's cutting-edge 3D game technology CryEngine."

The first footage of the game in action lies below.

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