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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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First-person exploration puzzler Scale lets you shrink or grow almost anything

UPDATE: Campaign ends with Oculus stretch goal met.

UPDATE #2: Scale's crowdfunding campaign has come to a close with $108,020, thus meeting not only its $87K initial goal, but its $100K Oculus Rift support stretch goal as well. Congrats, team CubeHeart!

UPDATE: Scale's Kickstarter campaign has achieved its minimum goal of $87K. In fact, it's currently at $91,555 with three days to go before its deadline Saturday, 16th November at 5p.m. GMT.

If it reaches $100K, Oculus Rift support will be added.

In the meantime, enjoy a couple of new videos detailing how Scale's shrinking and enlarging ray can be used to escape prisons (within prisons) and explore the cracks of walls.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

ORIGINAL STORY: Minotaur in a China Shop developer Steve Swink's upcoming puzzle/exploration game Scale has one of those so simple ideas it's remarkable no one thought of it before: it gives you a gun that lets you grow or shrink almost anything.

He won't look so tough when he's two millimeters tall.

For example, a simple tech demo I played at GDC allowed the player to go inside a house, pick up a dollhouse, bring it outside, then shrink the regular house down to a miniature model and blow up the dollhouse to livable proportions. Wild! You can also enlarge a frog until it's so big that you can hop in its mouth and emerge out its rectum, because video games.

The actual Scale ray has a limit, however. It operates on a finite amount of "size juice" and it can't grow some matter without first shrinking something else.

Scale's story will center around an inventor named Penny Price who accidentally destroys all of the US's east coast and must now escape prison and reclaim her cat who was taken away by the powers that be upon her incarceration.

The peculiar puzzler is currently doing well on Kickstarter where it's made $23,412 in two days. Naturally campaigns slow down after their debut before picking back up again in their final week, but it seems likely Scale will hit its ambitious $87,000 goal by its 16th November deadline.

Backers who donate $25 will be guaranteed a DRM-free copy of scale on PC, Mac and Linux around its estimated December 2014 release. The first 200 backers to pledge $30 will get early access to the game's beta, while latecomers will have to give $40 for the same perk. Players can also gain two beta codes and a digital copy of the soundtrack and art book for $49 as well.

Check out Scale's mind-blowing premise in action in its pitch video below.