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First details emerge of GTA IV PC

New replay, multiplayer modes promised.

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Rockstar has revealed the first details of the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV.

The game was shown off at the Leipzig Games Convention today by a Rockstar spokesperson. He began by promising much improved visuals, saying they'll be "polished well beyond what they were on the 360 and PS3".

New features will include a replay editor. Whenever you're playing the previous 30 seconds of gameplay will be recorded, so at any time you can stop and watch what you just did. You can also edit footage - chop it up, add filters, switch camera angles and so on.

There will also be a montage editor that lets you link together multiple 30-second clips. You'll be able to share the movies you make via the internet and the Rockstar Social Club.

Rockstar also hinted there are plans to add new multiplayer options. Noting there is online play for up to 16 players in the console versions of GTA IV he added, "We're expanding on that" - but didn't offer any further details.

However, the publisher did say there will be new filters so you can have more control over the type of matches and races you take part in. If you just want to play with pistols, for example, that will possible. The whole idea is to make it easier to find exactly what you're looking for.

The rest of the demo consisted of a playthrough of the Three-Leaf Clover mission seen in the console game. This was played using an Xbox 360 controller, and Rockstar confirmed you'll be able to choose this or the traditional keyboard option in the finished game.

The visuals do indeed look more polished - lighting is more realistic and there's a much higher level of detail on both characters and environments. Movement animations are smoother but could still do with a bit of work; Nico runs down stairs like he's got a wonky ankle. Still, as Rockstar was careful to point out, GTA IV is still "a work in progress" and there's "a lot of polishing and cleaning" to do before the game is released on 21st November.

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