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First Bungie Aerospace game dated

Crimson: Steam Pirates on iPad next week.

Bungie's Aerospace programme bears its first fruit next week, with the release of Harebrained Schemes' iPad-only strategy effort Crimson: Steam Pirates.

As detailed on Bungie.net, it's a turn-based steampunk action title that sees you fighting ship-to-ship for control of the high seas.

On top of the core campaign, there are multiplayer modes, different ship and crew types to experiment with, and stat support via Bungie.net.

Chapter one, which includes eight missions, is due on the App Store on 1st September free of charge, while chapter two, subtitled Tales of Captain Blood, will set you back £1.49.

Developer Harebrained Schemes is the brainchild of Jordan Weisman, who created Halo 2's I Love Bees alternate reality game, as well as founding FASA, publisher of influential pen-and-paper RPG Shadowrun, back in the late '80s.

Aerospace, announced back in June, is a new initiative set up to help independent developers get their games published. Bungie provides technical support, experience, exposure and some big brand clout.