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Dev turns The Room 4: Old Sins' creepy old dollhouse into a gorgeous Lego build

And you can vote to get it made for real.

Lego is (as a year in lockdown with a whole lot to time to assemble plastic bricks has taught me) cool, and developer Fireproof Games' gorgeously atmospheric The Room puzzle series is, among many other good things, cool too. So it should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that combining the two results in a very cool thing indeed.

The architect of this particular very cool thing is Fireproof Games' own graphic and motion designer Roger Schembri who, under the name Lego CustardKid, has previously submitted a number of creations to the endlessly impressive Lego Ideas website, including an elaborate ornamental safe inspired by the original The Room.

The Room 4: Old Sins' Dollhouse (as spotted by Kotaku) is Schembri's most ambitious Lego Ideas build yet, lovingly recreating the game's deliciously sinister enchanted dollhouse - itself a detailed recreation of The Room 4's Waldegrave Manor - in impressively miniaturised detail.

The dollhouse's ornate facade...
...and its impressively detailed rear.

The building's ornate facade - complete with wrought iron gates and elaborate brickwork - houses every room from the game, meaning Lego renditions of the foyer, study, kitchen, and attic, alongside more exotic areas such as the Curiosity Room, Japanese Gallery, Maritime Room & Art Studio, and garden, complete with gazebo.

Schembri has even included a miniature version of the dollhouse in the attic, just like in the game, and created minifigures of The Room 4's cast: Abigail, Edward, and the mysterious player character, H. The digital dollhouse can be glimpsed below, if you're curious to compare.

The Room 4: Old Sins - PC Trailer.Watch on YouTube

As with all Lego Ideas submissions, users are able to lend their support to the project, and submissions that successfully acquire 10,000 fans will be reviewed by Lego for possible commercial production - meaning there's a timeline in which you might one day have your own version of Schembri's The Room 4 dollhouse, assembled gloriously upon your shelf.

Even if Schembri's latest project doesn't make it across the finish line, though, it's a stunning creation, and one well worth gazing at for a minute or two in quiet admiration.

The Room 4: Old Sins, incidentally, is another hugely enjoyable entry in Fireproof's superb puzzle series. It's available on iOS and Android, and made the leap to PC earlier this year.

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