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Fire Emblem to go online?

Producer mentions DS too.

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Fire Emblem's producers have indicated that the turn-based strategy series could be heading online in its next Wii instalment, while a DS version is also fairly likely at some stage.

Speaking to Dengeki DS & Wii Style, in an article partly translated by IGN, Nintendo's Hitoshi Yamagami said that for the first Wii title, Goddess of Dawn, released in Japan last month, "we decided to focus on single-player and held back on Wi-Fi".

"However, for the next title, if we have the chance, we'd like to use it," he added.

When asked if Fire Emblem might make the transition to other formats, Yamagami also reportedly said that Nintendo feels "that the SRPG genre is suited for the DS".

Good news, then, for fans of the enduring series, which has enjoyed a couple of excellent turns on the Game Boy Advance and a rather handsome outing on the GameCube in the last few years.

Goddess of Dawn, which continues to use CG cut-scenes for some bits of its storytelling, brings back the Laguz and Beorc from the GameCube title, alters their abilities and introduces new skills, with a plot and cast of characters that builds on its immediate predecessor.

Sadly Nintendo's yet to say when we can expect a Western release.

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