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Finally, we have answers to Nintendo Switch's digital game sharing questions

And no, you can't transfer saves.

It's Nintendo Switch launch day and Nintendo has finally decided to share information on some of the burning questions we had on transferring digital games and save files.

Playing on another console requires you select it as your active console.

Nintendo's support site has now detailed how you can download and play digital games on any Switch relatively easily, but only play them on one console at a time.

Sadly, there's no way to transfer save files between one Nintendo Switch and another. Not via uploading to the internet, or via microSD.

Game save data is stored to the Nintendo Switch memory and cannot be saved or copied. There's currently no way to back-up your progress.

As we knew, a microSD card can be used to expand the system's memory. It can host digital games, software updates, DLC and screenshots. But not your save files.

Without transferring your save, the idea of accessing your games on another Switch has limited appeal - although it depends on the game, of course.

To play games on another Switch, you can log in using your Nintendo Account easily enough - each Switch console can host up to eight accounts.

But to play your games on another console you'll first need to deselect your current Switch from being your "active" console, then on the new console set this as "active" instead. This is a simple option within each console's eShop settings.

If you lose your Switch - if it's stolen, or for whatever reason you cannot set it as deactive yourself - you have to contact Nintendo to get it deactivated.

On the upside, any Switch account on your console can access games you own on it.

Nintendo has not yet said how the console might evolve via future system updates. Surely a save transfer tool will be added at some point, right? Even 3DS has one.

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