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Final Fight, Magic Sword for PSN/XBLA

Resurrected in HD with online co-op.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Old beat-'em-ups Final Fight and Magic Sword are being repackaged for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

They'll boast upscaled HD and original graphics, plus drop-in online (and presumably local) co-op and the necessary swathe of Leaderboards.

Publisher Capcom told IGN that both games would be stuffed into one virtual box next year, although a price is still TBC.

Final Fight, released in 1989, appeared first. The idea was to guide muscle-men in tight trousers through Metro City in search of Mad Gear. And punch things.

Magic Sword, released a year later, swapped jeans for tights and guns for spells as The Brave One fought some bonkers elf or rat or something.

Communists! Stevie Wonder!

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