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Final Fantasy PSP duo dated

Not long to go.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Square Enix has banged loudly on the door of the news inn declaring its need for a news-item-shaped room. The reason? It's delivering a baby-shaped parcel of release information and - ooh! - it's twins. Final Fantasy I and II will be born to Europe on 8th February, apparently.

That will be the PlayStation Portable versions, which revisit the origins of the multi-bazillion-selling role-playing games series with improved decorations and widescreen tinsel, along with things to which we're struggling to pin additional poor Christmas imagery.

"Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II represent the foundations of the Square Enix success story," says Square Enix Ltd's president and CEO John Yamamoto. "They are the first two imaginative steps in the long and distinguished history of the Final Fantasy franchise. With these beautiful new versions, fans can now experience the origins of Final Fantasy wherever they go."

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