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Final Fantasy Brigade announced

Square Enix details RPG social gaming spin-off.

Final Fantasy Brigade will be the Square Enix RPG franchise's first foray into social gaming, the publisher has announced.

As detailed on Andriasang, Square CEO Yoichi Wada unveiled the title at a press conference in Japan yesterday.

Precise details are thin on the ground but Wada explained that players will be able to fight friends, travel the world, learn abilities, take on jobs, battle rival air ships and call on familiar summons such as Bahamut and Odin.

Traditional 2D turn-based battles were also mentioned, while the game boasts a cute, colourful visual aesthetic along the same lines as forthcoming 3DS title Final Fantasy Theatrythm.

It launches in Japan in late December on Mobage feature phones, with a web browser and smartphone roll-out to follow. There was no mention of an international launch.