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Final Fantasy 4's pixel remaster heading to Steam and mobile in September

With enhanced art, gameplay improvements, more.

Square Enix's series of Final Fantasy pixel remasters continues on 8th September with the arrival of Final Fantasy 4 on Steam and mobile devices.

"In Final Fantasy 4", explains Square, "The Kingdom of Baron sends their elite airship fleet, the Red Wings, to attack the surrounding countries. Distressed by his mission, Cecil, a dark knight and captain of the Red Wings, decides to fight against the tyrannical Baron with his trusted friend and his paramour at his side."

Final Fantasy 4's pixel remaster follows similar releases for the first three games, bringing updated 2D pixel character and background art, a rearranged soundtrack (overseen by original composer Nobuo Uematsu), improved gameplay, and a range of quality of life additions.

Final Fantasy pixel remasters - Launch Trailer.Watch on YouTube

On the gameplay front, there's an auto-battle option, updated controller support, and a modernised UI, and those quality of life improvements include the ability to save at any time. Finally, rounding off the updated package, are supplemental extras including a bestiary, illustration gallery, and music player.

Square's Final Fantasy 4 pixel remaster will cost £12.99 when it comes to Steam on 8th September (the mobile versions will likely be a little more expensive judging by past releases), and pre-purchasers get three specially rearranged music tracks - The Red Wings (Timelapse Remix), Main Theme of Final Fantasy 4 (Timelapse Remix), and Battle 2 (Timelapse Remix) - plus two limited wallpapers, and a 20% discount.

There's also a special bundle available on Steam, giving players access to all currently released Final Fantasy pixel remasters, alongside instalments 5 and 6 when they arrive at a later date.

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