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Final Fantasy 15 is getting a beat-'em-up spin-off


Final Fantasy 15 is getting an arcade beat-'em-up spin-off called A King's Tale: Final Fantasy 15.

Revealed during Square Enix's E3 livestream, this retro title is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on 30th September to coincide with the launch of Final Fantasy 15 proper.

The bad news: It's a retailer-exclusive title. So far it's slated to come to GameStop and EB Games in the US and Canada, while its UK availability is yet to be announced.

The good news: It's a free pre-order bonus, should you have Final Fantasy reserved at a participating retailer.

It's set 30 years prior to Final Fantasy 15 and it follows the exploits of a young King Regis. A King's Tale will be presented as a fairy tale told told to a young Noctis.

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