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February's PS+ content divulged

Half-price Flight Control wings us over.

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Sony's detailed the PlayStation Plus perks coming this month and next.

January has been partially filled in already, but there are a couple of notable additions: 40 per cent off Battlefield 1943, for starters, in addition to free games Shatter and Samurai Shodown.

There's a full game trial for Borderlands too, and if you decide to buy the game immediately afterwards you'll get a DLC pack thrown in for free. Note, however, that you can buy Borderlands cheaper online from a shop.

In February, Plus members are gifted new PSN game Magician Lord, whatever that turns out to be. Mushroom Wars is thrown in for free too.

There's also a whopping 40 per cent off Flight Control HD, a game that carries the Eurogamer seal of approval. Arp!

Air it is, Flight Control HD.

January PlayStation Plus content (available until 2nd Feb):

Free Games:

  • PSN: Shatter, Samurai Showdown
  • Minis: Pipe Madness, Kahoots
  • PSone: G- Police
  • Full Game Trial: Borderlands

Discounts (percentage off):

  • PlayTV Live Chat 25% off
  • Breath of Fire (PSP) 40%
  • Dark Stalkers' Chronicals (PSP) 40%
  • Megaman Maveric Hunter (PSP) 40%
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) 20%
  • Fate Unlimited (PSP) 60%
  • PowerStone Collection (PSP) 40%
  • Capcom Classics Reloaded (PSP) 40%
  • Capcom Classics Remixed (PSP) 50%
  • Capcom Puzzle World (PSP) 40%
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP) 20%
  • Battlefield 1943 40% (until Jan 18th)
  • Costume Quest and DLC Bundle 20% (from 19th Jan)
  • Modern Combat Domination 25% day one discount (coming mid-Jan)


  • Themes: Fire, Year of the Rabbit
  • Avatars: Eat Them, Super Street Fighter IV bundle for £5

February PlayStation Plus content (available until 2nd March):

Free Games:

  • PSN: Magician Lord, Mushroom Wars
  • Minis: Karimogi, Breakquest

Discounts (percentage off):

  • PlayTV Live Chat 25%
  • Crash Bandicoot (PSone) 50%
  • Flow (PSP) 25%
  • I Must Run 50%
  • Flight Control HD 40%
  • Worms: Battle Island 50%


  • Demos: Wheels of Destruction
  • Themes: Cloud, Wave
  • Avatars: echochrome

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