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Farmville 3 launches this November

Sow it goes.

More than a decade after it first took over your Facebook wall, Farmville is coming back.

Zynga has announced its third major entry in the social agriculture series launches for iOS, Android and Mac on 4th November.

Farmville 3 features over 150 breeds of animals, now including tigers and alpacas to pet, nurture and presumably send off to market. Here's today's new trailer, which features a brief second or two of actual gameplay right at the end:

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Yeah, there's really not much to go on there. Zynga's press release highlights returning character Marie, who is now accompanied by a cast of more than 30 diverse farmhands who help you bake, fish, lumberjack and craft your way to an adequate agricultural status.

There's also an in-game weather system to help or hinder your harvest and fishing trips.

The original Farmville closed its gates forever on 31st December 2020 after an impressive 11-year life. (How much is that in duck years?) Eurogamer alum and Farmville fan Ellie Gibson wrote an obituary.

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