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Fan-made Morrowind remake is shaping up nicely

Has over 70 collaborators, but is still recruiting.

Last month we took a look at Skywind, the fan-made Morrowind remake in the Skyrim Engine, and now the 70-plus person team behind the mammoth mod has released its first dev diary detailing the sorts of enhancements its making to Bethesda's 2002 open-world epic.

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Perhaps the most arduous is sprucing up the environments to look more detailed. "Due to Morrowind's dated engine, a directly ported landscape would be too barren and empty to compete with today's game standards," the developer explained. "Because of this, the world of Morrowind needed to be recreated while still staying true to its original design and feel."

Another major addition is voice-acting. The original Morrowind only had certain important bits of dialogue voice-acted, while the modders behind this remake plan to eventually record dialogue for the whole thing. So far it has 30 dedicated voice-actors on board for the undertaking.

While the team stands at over 70 members, it's still recruiting more volunteers. To further investigate how things are coming along, you can download the under construction mod at the Skywind official site.